Expert Vision for a Changing World

PolyInsight is a contract analytical testing and services laboratory specializing in atomic force microscopy (AFM), with an emphasis on the AFM analysis of polymers and composites. We have the capability to prepare and analyze cross-sections as well as surfaces, so our customers can “see” the internal structures of materials at the micro- and nanoscale.

Our customers are looking for high quality data with a fast turnaround, coupled with an expert interpretation. Our industrial background enables us to work with our customers to put the information in perspective: helping them to reach better performance, higher quality, less waste – results that mean higher profits.

Whether you are a scientist or engineering working in materials R&D or new product development; a finance executive looking to improve margins in your manufacturing operations; or an attorney faced with a difficult patent defense or product liability issue… PolyInsight has the Expert Vision to help you – contact us today to discuss your project.